ARB Outback roller drawer with roller floor - 845x790x280mm InStock

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Material: Steel
Color: Donker grijs
Mounting is possible on all vehicles.

Outback Solutions modular roller door systems

The Outback Solutions range of roller door systems is fully modular and can be individually adapted to your needs and vehicle. Exclusive from ARB and suitable for many vehicles including cars, buses and trailers. This system can also be used in non-vehicle applications such as sheds and warehouses.

RDRF790 Drawer Module Features:

Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawers have incorporated unique and practical features into their design to ensure high quality, maximum functionality and ease of use. The RDRF790 drawer module has a roll-out drawer and rolling top, providing ample storage space and allowing a refrigerator with freezer compartment to be oriented left to right across the rolling top and rolled back for easier access.

Anti-rollback system:

The RDRF790 is equipped with mechanisms on both the roll top and roll floor that lock them lock in the open position, preventing accidental closing when the vehicle is on uneven ground. The mechanisms engage when the roller drawer or roller floor is fully opened and automatically disengage when closing.

Anti Rattle:

Locking mechanisms on the roller drawer and roller floor eliminate movement while closed. Retaining the drawer and roller floor in this way stops rattle and wear and tear while driving.

Purpose Folded Stainless Steel Runners:

The roller drawer and roller floor bearings run on purpose folded stainless steel runners. Stainless steel offers the best surface for bearings to run on resulting in a smooth, quiet operation. Galvanized bearing runners are not used because the galvanized coating transfers onto the bearings creating rough operation and an opportunity for corrosion to start. Tool chest style telescopic runners are not used because of the slop and movement they allow. This constant movement whilst driving accelerates wear and deterioration when used in automotive applications.

UV Stable Commercial Carpet:

Exterior surfaces are finished in hard wearing commercial carpet and interior surfaces are trimmed in automotive boot carpet. Both materials resist abrasion and conceal dirt in tough offroad conditions.

Slam Shut Latches:

Slam shut/pull open handles make opening and closing both the roller drawer and the roller floor a breeze, even with hands full of gear. The roller drawer handle is key lockable and the roller floor has a mechanical lock under the top behind the handle. The roller floor can be locked before closing and key locking the drawer to provide good security.


Drawer Internal 730mm (28.7”) Wide X 655mm (25.7”) Long X 220mm (8.6”) Deep
Drawer Extension 400mm (15.75”)
Roller Floor Extension 403mm (15.87”)

This product fits all vehicles.