Corporate policy

Orion Automotive B.V. aims to occupy a leading position at European level in the area of protective and functional accessories for commercial vehicles.

Key principles to achieve this objective include:

Business philosophy

Orion Automotive B.V. aims to be an independent, autonomous and financially sound company. Profit is a necessary condition for continuity and technical innovation. This allows us to offer optimum security to both our clients and our employees.

Market approach

Orion Automotive B.V.'s policy is characterised by customer-oriented thinking and action. A long-term and good relationship with clients is pursued. A precondition for this is offering demand-driven products and services of a high quality level. In doing so, an optimum price-performance ratio is sought.

Product strategy

Orion Automotive B.V. sets itself the task of fulfilling all orders satisfactorily and providing its customers with problem solutions. The company policy is to be a specialist in every subfield of its broad field of activity. 

Employee motivation

Orion Automotive B.V. believes in motivated and engaged employees. The management is driven by the individual's own responsibility. Management is based on coaching, meticulous instruction and optimal use of existing skills. Besides recruitment and selection, permanent education and training are an important part of the personnel policy.

Risk reduction

In responsible business operations, health and safety play an important role. Orion Automotive B.V. does what it can to prevent personal injury and damage to health. This applies both within its own organisation and outside.

Environmental policy

Orion Automotive B.V. makes every effort to prevent environmental or property damage resulting directly or indirectly from its activities. The company abides by the law, deals sparingly with goods and raw materials and tries to minimise emissions to water, soil and air. We are also committed to reducing our ecological footprint as much as possible. 

Customer satisfaction and requirements

Orion Automotive B.V. is expected to be close to the market and always offer innovative products of high quality. Our aim is to continuously increase customer satisfaction in order to continue to meet our customers' requirements and expectations. We achieve this by thinking solution-focused, and adjusting processes where necessary. 


Our objective is to offer the right products at the right price at the right quality and delivery time to our customers. We achieve this by completing the product specifications correctly, and administratively providing a solid basis. 

Spiral of improvement

​Paying sufficient attention to all the previous principles and continuing to strive for progress creates a positive spiral. Continuous improvement in every area and at all levels of the organisation is thus implicitly achieved.