Bumper protector stainless steel Ford Transit Custom 2012 - 2018



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Brand: Ford
Model: Transit Custom
Material: Stainless steel
Manufacturer Model Start Year End Year
Ford Transit Custom 2012 2018

Rear bumper protector for the Ford Transit Custom

A bumper protector for the Ford Transit Custom serves, as the name suggests, as a protector for the top of the rear bumper. A bumper is a vulnerable point of the commercial vehicle, especially if you get in and out through the rear doors or tailgate frequently and have to load and unload regularly. The bumper plate prevents dents and scratches and provides grip due to the profile on the plate, so you will not slip when getting in and out.

Stainless steel bumper protection at Orion Automotive

The stainless steel bumper plates in our range come in 3 colours; matt, polished and smoke polished. The choice of materials and polished options make it one of a kind. It provides a robust look for your Ford Transit Custom as well as offering the protection you want. Protection that is necessary to preserve the van's value and maintain a professional appearance.

The advantages of our stainless steel bumper protectors at a glance

  • Specially developed for your Ford Transit Custom.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Prevents paint damage to the top of the bumper.
  • Keeps the rear bumper presentable.
  • Provides grip to prevent slipping.
  • Various colours matt, polished and smoke polished.
  • Strong stainless steel for the best protection.
  • Wash- and weather-resistant.
  • Mounted within 10 minutes.

Stainless steel bumper plate mounting

The estimated fitting time for a Ford Transit Custom stainless steel bumper plate is 10 minutes. An easier assembly hardly exists. Clean the bumper well and measure and note exactly where the bumper plate should be stuck. Using the already applied and strong double-sided 3M tape, stick the bumper plate onto the bumper.

Would you prefer us to fit the bumper plate for you? Then please make an appointment.

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