Cross bar Citroën Berlingo 2018+


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Brand: Citroën
Model: Berlingo
Material: Aluminium
Manufacturer Model Start Year End Year
Citroën Berlingo 2018

Citroën Berlingo cross bars

Cross bars add extra load capacity to the Citroën Berlingo. They simply clip onto roof rails running the length of the commercial vehicle. Does your Citroën Berlingo not have roof rails? Then order them on #WEBSITEENAAM#. The roof rails are mounted on the roof. The cross bars are easy to clip onto the roof rails. This makes it the perfect combination for carrying extra cargo.

Top quality cross bars

The TÜV/ABE-approved cross bars are made of aluminium. As standard, the crossbars are available in a grey aluminium colour or black. This gives you the choice of which colour best matches your Citroën Berlingo and roof rails. The cross bars have an oval shape to minimise wind noise. The rubber strips running along the entire length of the cross bars reduce cargo sliding. Each cross bar can handle up to 75kg of cargo. The ABS mounting brackets have a steel frame under the plastic housing to increase durability.

Advantages of the Citroën Berlingo cross bars

  • TÜV/ABE approved.
  • Maximum load per cross bar is 75kg.
  • Equipped with rubber strip against sliding cargo.
  • To be clamped on roof rails.
  • In aluminium colour or black aluminium..
  • Simple mounting.

Mounting cross bars

The cross bars are not delivered fully assembled. However, mounting is easy using the supplied instructions. Cross bars can only be mounted on roof rails. By means of clamps, you fix them onto the Citroën Berlingo roof rails. A lock ensures that the cross bars cannot be removed from the roof rails.

Would you rather outsource the assembly? No problem. Schedule an installation appointment at our workshop in Veghel. We will help you as soon as possible.

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