Roof rack Aluminium grey Peugeot e-Partner 2018+


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Brand: Peugeot
Model: e-Partner
Material: Aluminium
Color: Silver
Vehicle height: H1
Manufacturer Model Start Year End Year
Peugeot e-Partner 2018

Aluminium roof rack Peugeot e-Partner

Running out of space in your Peugeot e-Partner? A roof rack increases the load capacity of your commercial vehicle. As a result, you load more materials at once, saving considerably on overall travel costs. In addition, you create the possibility of loading materials on the roof, leaving more space in the cargo space. This way, you keep the loading cabin free and uncluttered.

Aluminium roof racks, strong and lightweight

Aluminium roof racks have a high load-bearing capacity. The load capacity is often higher than what the roof of the Peugeot e-Partner is allowed to carry. Therefore, always check the load capacity of the roof. The roof rack is delivered fully pre-assembled, so that you only need to mount it on the Peugeot e-Partner. The aluminium roof rack is also fitted with a ladder roll and front spoiler. What makes this roof rack unique is that it has front and rear reflectors. This allows other road users to see you even better in the dark.

Advantages of the aluminium roof rack

  • Perfect fit for the Peugeot e-Partner.
  • Includes wind spoiler.
  • Includes load roller, provided your Peugeot e-Partner has rear doors.
  • Lightweight aluminium.
  • Mounting on original mounting points.
  • Supplied assembled.
  • Fitted with reflectors front and rear.

Mounting the aluminium roof rack

We have made fitting the aluminium roof rack as easy as possible. You receive a complete roof rack upon delivery that is already fully pre-assembled. As a result, you only need to place it on the roof and fasten it. Naturally, we supply all the necessary assembly materials.

Would you rather outsource the assembly? No problem. We are happy to assemble the roof rack in our workshop in Veghel. Make an appointment and we will take care of the rest.

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