Roof rack Black aluminium Renault Trafic 2022+ InStock


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Brand: Renault
Model: Trafic
Material: Aluminium
Color: Black
Vehicle length: L1
Vehicle height: H1
Version: Twindoors
Manufacturer Model Start Year End Year
Renault Trafic 2022

Roof rack Renault Trafic black

Black roof racks are lightweight and extremely strong. The black coating makes the roof rack look robust and makes it a stylish accessory for your Renault Trafic. By fitting a roof rack, you increase the loading capacity, allowing you to carry more and longer materials, both in and on the van. This will save you a lot of money on total travel costs. In addition, materials that are normally in the way in the cargo space can be transported. In this way, you keep the loading cabin free and well-organised.

Black aluminium roof rack

Our RUUUD roof rack black is made of lightweight aluminium and fitted with heavy duty supports. Finished with an industrial black coating, the aluminium roof rack fits tightly into the design of the modern commercial vehicle. This combination makes the black roof rack strong, functional and stylish, making it the ideal solution for transporting extra cargo on top of your Renault Trafic.

Advantages of the black roof rack

  • Perfect fit for the Renault Trafic.
  • Revolutionary mSlide system, provided your Renault Trafic rear doors have it. The traditional ladder roller has been replaced by the patented mSlide system. The mSlide is more than an evolution; it is a revolution in safety and durability. Robust and indestructible, the mSlide offers a reliable replacement for the ladder roller, making getting on and off much safer.
  • Cross members with rubber insert - All cross members are equipped with a rubber insert. This ensures a better grip of the material, leaves expensive ladders undamaged, and reduces noise pollution.
  • Modular System for Maximum Flexibility - The modular roof rack system makes it child's play to add, remove, or move cross members and tread plates.
  • Model Choices - You can choose from models with closed or open sides. One height for the closed, two heights for the open roof carrier.
  • Mounting on original mounting points.
  • Supplied assembled.
  • Fitted with a black coating.

Mounting the black roof rack

Because the black roof rack is pre-assembled, the roof rack only needs to be mounted on the mounting points on the roof. Remove the black roof sealing caps from the mounting points, place the roof rack on the roof and screw it onto the Renault Trafic. Naturally, we supply all the necessary mounting materials.

Would you rather outsource the assembly? No problem. We are happy to assemble the roof rack in our workshop in Veghel. Make an appointment and we will take care of the rest.

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