Roof rack Stainless steel Renault Trafic 2022+


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Please note Order the spoiler (see below) with the roof rack to reduce wind noise. When the roof rack and spoiler are ordered at the same time, we mount the spoiler on the roof rack.

Brand: Renault
Model: Trafic
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Lowpolish
Vehicle height: H1
Version: Twindoors
Manufacturer Model Start Year End Year
Renault Trafic 2022

Roof rack #brand# Trafic RVS

Our high-strength stainless steel roof racks are custom designed for each type of van. This allows us to guarantee a perfect fit for your Renault Trafic. The roof rack offers extra loading space and the possibility of transporting long materials. This saves difficult loading in the cargo bay and saves travel costs by reducing the need to drive up and down. The sides of the stainless steel roof rack have an open frame, making it easy to secure the load. We also supply ladder clamps that allow you to secure a ladder in no time. A safe thing!

Stainless steel roof racks

The stainless steel roof rack is extremely strong, very safe and easily carries the heaviest materials. The wind guide on the front crossbar reduces wind noise. The loading roller can be found on the back of the RVS roof rack. It helps you load materials and protects the back of the Renault Trafic. Do you have a tailgate on the commercial vehicle? Then the loading roller is not required.

Advantages of the stainless steel roof rack

  • Perfect fit for the Renault Trafic.
  • Includes wind guide.
  • Includes load roller, provided your Renault Trafic has rear doors.
  • Mounting on original mounting points.
  • Pre-assembled.
  • Simple mounting.
  • Robust and ergonomic.

Pushbar montage

Een pushbar is op maat gemaakt voor de Renault Trafic, dit garandeert een perfecte pasvorm. Daarnaast zorgen we bij ontwikkeling ervoor dat de pushbar op originele montagepunten gemonteerd kan worden. Hiermee voorkomen we een hele ingewikkelde montage. Natuurlijk ontvang je bij levering alle benodigde montagematerialen zijn en een duidelijke handleiding.

Wil je de pushbar toch door ons laten monteren? Neem dan contact op met een van onze verkopers. Onze monteurs monteren de pushbar graag voor je.

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