Roof rails Renault Express 2021+


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Brand: Renault
Model: Express
Material: Aluminium
Certificate: ABE
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Renault Express 2021

Renault Express roof rails

Roof rails add looks and function to the Renault Express. They run from front to back across the roof in a nice curve. With the optionally available cross bars, you are able to load materials or mount a roof box. The cross bars are mounted using clamps and run across the roof from left to right. Would you prefer just styling? The roof rails are a great addition to the design of the Renault Express.

Top quality roof rails

Roof rails on Orion Automotive are made of aluminium. As standard, the roof rails are available in a aluminium or black colour. This gives you the choice of which colour suits your Renault Express best. The roof rails have a streamlined shape to prevent wind noise. In addition, the shape ensures strength. The roof rails can hold up to 75kg. The additional support legs in the middle of the roof rails prevent the rails from collapsing when loaded in combination with crossbars.

Advantages of the Renault Express roof rails

  • Perfect fit for the Renault Express.
  • In aluminium or black.
  • Adds streamlined design.
  • Can be used in combination with cross supports for cargo or a roof box.
  • Easy mounting.

Mounting roof rails

Roof rails are easy to mount on the original mounting points of the Renault Express. On the roof of the commercial vehicle, you will find mounting points sealed with black caps. By removing these caps, you can use the points. Tip: When mounting, use a little silicone sealant at these holes. This ensures the best watertight adhesion.

Would you rather outsource the assembly? No problem. Schedule an appointment at our workshop in Veghel. We will help you fit your roof rails as soon as possible!

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