RUUUD Flat LED cargo space light version 100cm 12V + InStock

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    Mounting is possible on all vehicles.

    RUUUD LED luminaires

    Do you often have to search for tools or materials in the cargo space of the van? The RUUUD LED fittings give you a helping hand. The LED luminaires illuminate the entire loading space, allowing you to find your stuff again. Thanks to the included holders and various models, the cargo space lighting can be mounted on various surfaces. In addition, the RUUUD LED strips are linkable, allowing you to create as much light as you want. Never a dark cargo space again!

    Cargo space lighting

    The unique system of the RUUUD LED lights is that you can completely determine how much light you want, how many lights you need and where they are mounted. In fact, the LED lights are available in flat or corner models with a length of 30cm, 50cm or 100cm. In addition, at Orion Automotive we supply various cables and fittings to connect the strips. RUUUD lights are specially designed for the cargo space, so don't be afraid they are not sturdy. You will even receive a standard 3-year warranty upon purchase!

    Recommended number of LED units/luminaires per type

    • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter L2: 3x50cm (In a Sprinter you can easily count how many LED fittings you need. Start at the first crossbeam with 1 LED luminaire then skip a crossbeam, then add another LED luminaire, etc. etc. So the recommendation is that you place the LED luminaire on a crossbar alternately).
    • Volkswagen Caddy and similar: 1 x 50cm or 2 x 30cm
    • Ford Transit Custom and similar: 2 x 50cm or 3/4 x 30cm

    The RUUUD LED lighting lamp advantages at a glance

    • 3-year warranty.
    • Voltage from 10-16V (12V).
    • Standard with 0.5m cable.
    • Choice of 30cm, 50cm or 100cm.
    • Beam pattern of 90 degrees.
    • The LED strips are dimmable.
    • Light colour: Cool white.
    • Available in various shapes.
    • Can be mounted on the headliner, floor, side walls or corners of the cargo space.
    • Impact-resistant.

    Mounting connectable LED lights

    Not all RUUUD LED connectors are linkable. Therefore, pay attention to which pieces you order. Corner pieces belong on corner LED lights, flat connectors on flat LED lights. Step 1 for mounting is mounting the LED fittings. Start with the last LED lamp and then work towards the power source. This way you use the least amount of cable and don't have a bundle of cable too much. At step 2 you connect the LED luminaires to each other. Finally, you connect the main cable coming from the LED lights to the power source. This can be the company car's original switch or an alternative power source.

    Do you find the assembly too complex and prefer to leave it to the professionals? Feel free to make an installation appointment. Our fitters will gladly install the RUUUD LED lighting for you in our workshop in Veghel (NL).

    This product fits all vehicles.