Seat covers Opel Combo-e 2021+


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Brand: Opel
Model: Combo-e
Material: SKAI leather
Color: Black
Manufacturer Model Start Year End Year
Opel Combo-e 2021

Tailor-made car seat covers

The custom-made Opel Combo-e seat covers have the perfect fit. This allows the seat, back, armrests and possibly headrests to fit nicely. The high-quality black artificial leather creates a professional and neat appearance. In addition, this material makes the seat covers easy to clean with a damp cloth.

  • Seat/bench: 1 seat and backrest cover for driver's seat, 2 seat and backrest covers for bench (split), 3 headrest covers
  • Option 1: Seat/seat: 2 seat covers, 2 backrest covers, 1 headrest cover, 1 armrest cover, for Berlingo with co-driver's seat with integrated headrest
  • Option 2: Seat/seat: 2 seat covers, 2 backrest covers, 2 headrest covers, 1 armrest cover

High-quality seat covers

The seat covers on Orion Automotive are made of the best quality artificial leather. Perforations in the back and seat ensure breathability and comfort. Thanks to the new generation of eco SKAI leather, the seat covers are even more durable and meet the high quality requirements of the ISO 9000 standardisation. Thanks to the triple-padded foam layer, the seat covers are also very hard-wearing and increase seating comfort. The seat covers fit perfectly around the original upholstery of the Opel Combo-e and thus acquire a professional look. The seat covers are easily washable with water and, if necessary, can be washed without losing their shape.

The advantages of our car seat covers at a glance

  • Tailor-made for your Opel Combo-e.
  • High-quality and breathable synthetic leather.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • No discoloration by UV sunlight.
  • Available in various set combinations.
  • Hard-wearing.

Mounting car seat cover black

Seat covers for vans are easy to assemble. The manual provided guides you through the assembly steps. To fit the cover neatly, it is sometimes necessary to remove the seats from the Opel Combo-e. This makes it easier to reach the back and tighten the cover.

Would you rather leave the assembly to us? Then make an installation appointment. While you wait with a nice cup of coffee, our fitters will assemble the seat covers in the Opel Combo-e.

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