Window guard Volkswagen T6 2015 - 2019


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Brand: Volkswagen
Model: T6
Material: Steel
Color: Black
Manufacturer Model Start Year End Year
Volkswagen T6 2015 2019

Window guardVolkswagen T6

A window guard serves as window protection for your car and secures the cargo space of the Volkswagen T6. Commercial vehicles often contain valuable tools and materials and are therefore prone to burglary. A window guard prevents burglary through the window of the Volkswagen T6. In addition, it protects the window in case of sliding cargo. Orion Automotive window guard are recommended by most insurance companies.

Window protection variants

We develop custom-made window guards for every van, including your Volkswagen T6. This allows us to guarantee a perfect fit. In our range, we offer window guards for rear doors, tailgate and side sliding doors. So you can protect the Volkswagen T6 from all sides. The car grille is made of steel with black powder coating. Due to its strong quality, we can provide the window guards with 3x4cm see-through openings. This provides sufficient visibility and is still very sturdy.

The advantages of a window guard at a glance

  • Specially designed for your Volkswagen T6.
  • Keeps burglars out of your cargo hold.
  • Protects your Volkswagen T6 from sliding or protruding cargo.
  • Available for rear doors, tailgate and side sliding doors.
  • Equipped with sound-insulating foam layer. This prevents resonating noises when driving on the motorway and guarantees rattle-free mounting.
  • Easy mounting.

Window guard assembly

Window guards are always custom-made for the respective door of your Volkswagen T6. They, therefore, have the perfect fit and are also easy to fit. Do you have a windscreen wiper in the tailgate? Then you need to cut out the recess already in the grille. The window guard is easily screwed on through the pre-drilled mounting points.

If you prefer not to install it yourself, our fitters are ready to help you! Contact one of our employees to make an appointment.

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